Thursday, 18 March 2010

a week in the life of the lady lozopus: day three

Today was a very odd day, but lots of fun. I went to see the drama soc production of A Doll's House because my plans to see a magician went awry; I tackled student finance; I got to know some castmates; my kitchen was overtaken by drunken and insane med students from my flatmate's Footloose production. Hmm.

Wednesday, 17th March:

10.24; Blow-Drying

13.07; Sunny Day, Flowers, Lads Playing Football on the Green

14.44; Curse You, Student Finance, I Am Your Master

15.35; That'll Be Our Evening Plans Scuppered, Then

16.22; Vague Attempts to Read Henry IV Followed Swiftly By Accidental Nap

18.58; Straight From The Pan Yeah That's Right

20.30; Attempts To Photograph The Stage Failed, So Here Is My Blurry Ticket Stub Instead

00.23; Camera Comandeered By Hilarious Drunk Housemate

I wish I was going to get more than about six hours sleep tonight. sigh.

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