Sunday, 21 March 2010

a week in the life of the lady lozopus: day six

Today I basically did nothing more exciting than see my housemate's show, because I am super knackered and injured and ever so slightly unwell. SEXY SQUEAKY VOICE yes that's right! Also, the show was really good & I was retardedly proud of said housemate, despite obviously not having been directly involved in any way. Also I tried a Daim Milka today. amazing. It's the simple things in life.

Saturday, 20th March.

14.45; As Of Last Night, Pretty Much All My Flat Shoes Have Fallen Apart

15.05; Spoils Of The Shop

15.28; Solidify, Egg, So I May Consume You

17.13; Attempting To Find The Best Ever Recipe For Apple Pie

18.22; Removed Lenses From My "Up 3D" Glasses To Create Hipster Specs

18.30; They Are Passed Around To Drive Daina Mental (Daina Hates Hipsters)

20.56; Shifty In The Interval

22.57; Depressed About The State Of The Kitchen


  1. I <3 the Solidify Egg. So much so it drove me to comment. Your life seems so much fun, I'm jealous. I may steal this picture idea in the future (not too distant, may I add).

  2. DO IT WINTER. I want to see your pigs. And I mean that in the sense of "the pigs you are getting up early in the morning to visit" rather than as some kind of bizarre euphemism, but take it however you like. Seeing as you're socialising mainly with Babe and his ilk right now I suppose you have to make your own fun.
    LOVE. x