Monday, 22 March 2010

a week in the life of the lady lozopus: day seven

ALL DONE. Today marked the end of the last weekend before we all go home for easter, so we decided to celebrate/commiserate with a day of deeply wholesome activities. We baked a pie, went for a meal, played some cards and then ate the pie with custard and felt deeply smug. Victories all round I reckon.

Sunday, 21st March.

17.24; Tom Makes A Very Low-Effort Apple Pie

17.52; Pippa Working Pastry Magic

18.12; An Arm Wrestle To Prove Who Is Stronger

18.54; Serious Apple Production Occurs

19.35; Daina And I Create This Creepy Wee Man Out Of The Remaining Pastry

20.03; ...Dreadful Things Happen To Him

20.11; Our Amazing Fucking Pie

21.00; Lovely Meal Out While We Wait For It To Cool Down

The seventh day of my week in the life business is over, so now I shall go back to posting only every once in a blue moon. Hooray possibly?

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  1. I AM GOING TO DO THIS. I'll start today, then it's less like cheating cos my super awesome holiday fun times won't properly begin until Tuesday, might get some thoroughly breathtaking shots of airports though.