Saturday, 20 March 2010

a week in the life of the lady lozopus: day five

I HAVE LOST MY VOICE. It's pretty much entirely my own fault but very irritating nonetheless. I shouted very loudly at a very shouty/amazing gig, then shouted over lots of music in some loud bars, then sat up talking until half four even though it was already painful to speak. So, top marks to me essentially! UGH.

Friday, 19th March.

11.00am; Bye Bed I Love You

17.40pm; Getting Ready To Go Out

21.00-ish; Support Act Rips Off T-Shirt Etcetera To Reveal Evel Knievel Jumpsuit

21.05-ish; ...Then Leaps A Member Of The Audience

About 21.30pm; The Stage Is Set

21.50-ish; Dan le Sac Needs A Biscuit Before He Will Sing

22.15-ish; Scroobius Pip Has "A Fucking Side Parting"

04.19am; Too Tired To Find A Glass So I'll Just Drink From This Jug

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