Monday, 14 December 2009

pretty expensive even for wine.

Do you know how many types of verb there are? Too many. Who is ever EVER going to need to know the difference between the complex transitive and the copular forms, or the intransitive and the ditransitive, or whatever the hell else?

I have to go and get ready for the english society cocktail party in a second but so far this evening I have mainly GONE CRACKERS staring at this sodding english coursework (hate hate hate), rattling around my freezing cold bedroom and listening to Fever Ray on repeat, who are er...not a band that encourage calm rationality. Perhaps I'll just watch this video on repeat until I convince myself I'm actually a shaman. twitch twitch.

(This is a bit like the night I sat and read all those pictures for sad children comics in one go - from perhaps the beginning to around here, or further - and felt a bit like maybe we were all doomed. Except I made a really awesome tomato and red onion tart tonight. So you can't say things aren't on the up.)

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